Monday, May 18, 2009

A little bit of a homecoming

I spent this weekend in Boston, and I'm still there! I'm writing this post in a free minute from the office of Bikram Yoga Harvard Square - more on that in a second. :)

This past (almost!) year has been pretty interesting (and challenging!) for me. It's been a constant tug-of-war between exploring new cities, meeting new people, settling into a new place, and being pulled back to the places and people and teachers that I left behind.

I got in late on Friday night and I'm leaving tomorrow morning. All day Sunday was for family stuff, so I have just two days to try to catch up with everyone (and I have to say, I've done a good job so far!) I wish I had more time here, it is NEVER enough time, but I'm happy to get this much. It's a little bit surreal, how few things have changed since I was last here. I notice lots of small differences, but mostly I feel like I never left. I feel like California was a dream, the entire last year was a dream, like the end of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up after trying so desperately to get back home and finds out that she never left.

And where exactly IS that home? It's not like I have an apartment here anymore. But I DO have a lot of friends here, including a few wonderful and generous people who own the yoga studios. I took class from one of the studio owners on Saturday morning, practiced next to his awesome wife, and then we had a picnic lunch in the office. They asked me, "Where are you staying?? Where are you staying??" and I told them that I had stayed on my sister's floor that night (literally) and hadn't made plans for the rest of the weekend. They said "Well, you know you can always stay here, right? This couch opens out into a bed..." and the next thing I knew I had all the keys to the yoga studio. So, YES! I am living the dream right now - I am living out of a yoga studio! The downside was waking up at 5:15am (2:15 California time!!) when the teacher came in to open up the studio for the 6am class, but the huge upside was that when I decided to practice at 8am, I just rolled off the couch, showered, and strolled into the yoga room to take my friend's class. I have been pulling my weight and helping out a little bit around the place, but there's no manual labor until after we go out for post-yoga lunch and cupcakes, and the manual labor consists of putting paper towels on a shelf while chatting with some of my favorite people.

It's a pretty simple thing - we don't really go for big dramatic gestures or sweeping statements of affection - but it's these little actions that we don't even think twice about that mean the most sometimes. I'm happy to be reminded that I always have a family and a home in my favorite city.

Lots of other things to talk about... more later... :)


hannahjustbreathe said...

Yay!!! I'm so sorry we weren't able to connect---it was a crazy weekend for me. But, yes, it's a glorious little family at the Boston studio. I'm slowly discovering it, slowly trying to make my way into it, day by day, class by class. And you must know that you help me in that process, even from California. :)

Hurray for homecomings!

thedancingj said...

Yay!! Haha, I know, I was crazy all weekend too. I was bummed that we couldn't practice together (and it was such a near miss!) but it was totally understandable. And I am sooo glad I have been able to help you a little bit. That means a lot to me, too!!