*updated 7/19/10*

You want to know more about me?!  Hmm.  Okay, then.

Here's the quick history of me and Bikram.  I was a ballet dancer for many years and I had taken many other types of yoga classes before I stumbled on Bikram.  I took my first Bikram yoga class during the summer of 2004 when there weren't any ballet classes nearby and I was looking for some "extra exercise."  I went to classes off and on for the next few years (in my very limited spare time) until I quit ballet in August 2007.  I did my first 30-day challenge (30 classes in 30 days) that September, at Bikram Yoga Boston/Harvard Square, and the rest was history.  I couldn't stop going!  My studio owners somehow convinced me to compete in the New England Regional Asana Championship that November, and that turned out to be an incredibly positive experience.  I spent every free minute at Bikram Yoga Boston, Harvard Square and West Roxbury (on Tuesdays).

One of my friends from work went to the teacher training program that Fall, and I pored over her emails and pictures from Hawaii.  I KNEW that I wanted to do that.  It was only a question of WHEN?!

Instead of going to the next teacher training course, I ended applying to grad schools and moving out to California for an engineering program.  (I got my undergraduate degree from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.)  I enrolled in a Ph.D. program working on semiconductor engineering, did that for a couple years, didn't love it.  To make a long story short very short, I hate lab work.  I was bored out of my mind and the yoga was calling my name.  Very, very loudly.  I was driving 200-mile round trips to LA on a regular basis just to take a class or two with Bikram or Emmy.  I was having dreams about becoming a teacher.  There was no choice!

I finally dropped the Ph.D. program and finished a Master's degree in January 2010.  I went to teacher training from April - June, 2010, in Las Vegas.  Bikram told me once that he thought he deserved an honorary Ph.D. (of course), but that all of his teachers were his Ph.D's.  I told him that I'd just gotten MY Ph.D. in Dialogue.  He liked that.

I am now teaching Bikram yoga full time - living the dream, baby! - and my only goal is to teach, teach, teach, travel, teach, practice, travel, teach, and KEEP LEARNING.  There's so much to learn, still.  I will keep using these pages to share my stories and ideas, so buckle up and join me for the ride!

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