Friday, May 1, 2009

Just don't do it wrong!

If I tend to repeat myself here, it's because some things are always true.

I've been having great yoga classes all week - and they haven't just been good, they've been HARD. Every one of them. Surprisingly so. I've been getting my heart beating so fast that I really have to concentrate to remember to breathe. No cruise control!!

All week, I've been going into every posture with new focus, with renewed attention to the details and nuances that I had started to forget or let slide, and with excitement and curiosity about the new bits of information that I've learned. And in every class, I've had my mentor's words in the back of my head: "You can do it!" and "Just don't do it wrong." Always spoken with love, energy, humor, and belief. So simple, so clear, and so true.

Towards the end of practice last night, an old moment from one of her classes floated back into my head. After giving me a correction on alignment, she commented, "see, even the very flexible body always seeks comfort." I love that reminder: "the body always seeks comfort." I love how she says "the body" instead of "you," because it makes the statement not about blame or laziness or anything like that - it's just saying, look, this is a natural thing that's always going to happen, so know that. Pay attention.

I've spent enough time doing Bikram yoga that my body is very familiar with the postures, and the downside is that my body is very good at finding comfort in the practice, even at the wrong times! So now I'm coaxing myself out, finding the strength and alignment, even feeling HOT and out of breath sometimes, and you know... just kill yourself... just don't do it wrong... it's only yoga...

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