Monday, May 25, 2009

Bound and rebound

Happy Memorial Day weekend!! This is basically a video supplement to my previous post. It's a 5 minute long Pixar short film which I think summarizes a very good yogic philosophy. :) I actually have most of it memorized. (I have a memory like a damn tape recorder.) Favorite part:

"Now sometimes you're up
And sometimes you're down
When you find that you're down
Well, just look around!
You've still got a body
Good legs and fine feet
Get your head in the right place
And hey, you're complete."

I also like the owl. :D

I just love this.

Was hoping to make it out to visit training at Palm Springs this weekend, but that did not happen. Kind of a bummer, but was not meant to be. Instead stayed home and practiced a lot. Did 9th and 10th classes of the week yesterday - the second was advanced class, which I hadn't done in a couple weeks - and I couldn't BELIEVE how good my body felt. It just cannot get enough of this yoga! I was FINALLY sore this morning, for the first time this week, and it felt good, I am sore in all the right places. And I had an intent discussion about my backbends with one of my teachers after class yesterday while we snacked on pistachios - lets just say lots of stick figures were involved in the explanations - so now I have some important things to work on. Yay, evolution...

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