Monday, April 20, 2009

New Slogan

I saw a GREAT company motto this weekend that I think we should steal for Bikram yoga:

Forget fear.  Worry about the addiction.


By the way, that is the slogan for Trapeze School New York.  They have a school down at the Santa Monica pier, and I always have fun watching the kids practice on the trapeze when I'm visiting there.  That is something I would sure love to learn someday if I ever had the time and money for it!  Actually, what I really want to try is silks... that thing where you are hanging from basically two long pieces of silk and you wrap yourself up in them and twist into all sorts of cool poses and shapes.  One of my ballet friends does that stuff in New York, and she's been trying to convert me, but it hasn't really worked out yet since we live on opposite sides of the country now... but it looks like really hard and FUN.

And if you think THAT sounds cool (as I wander farther and farther off topic), you really have got to check out some of the footage from Project Bandaloop.  They are an aerial dance group that does performances on the sides of skyscrapers and mountains.  Incredibly cool stuff.  Their demo reel is here to get you started: Bandaloop demo

Enjoy!  Forget fear, worry about the addiction!


hannahjustbreathe said...

Whoa. That is the new slogan for Bikram yoga for sure!!

leslie said...

HoTt! I love your blog. I'm on the other coast practicing solo 'til I can afford to get back in the studio. Thx for contributing to the virtual community!

thedancingj said...

M - that's right, spread it around!! ;)

Leslie - Thanks for stopping by! I like your page, too! :) Solo practice, that is a tough and noble path for sure... you saving your money for the teacher training? Good luck!!