Friday, April 10, 2009

Advanced Seminar: WANT!!!

So I get home this morning from a really great 7am practice to shower, eat breakfast, and get ready to go to class... but of course, since I am ADD like this, I have to check my facebook while I am eating my cereal. And when I get on facebook, the first thing I see is an announcement of the DATES for the BIKRAM YOGA ADVANCED SEMINAR in June!!

For those of you who don't know, this is a week-long seminar with Bikram and Emmy and all the crazy advanced pros. Two classes a day, one beginners series and one advanced. They haven't had it in like two years - last summer it got cancelled. Apparently it's pretty brutal, and awesome.


I mean, I don't need, I just want... but I REALLY want! So fuck it, I'm going!!!

The awesome thing is that it's going to be in Palm Springs, CA (as opposed to where they had the last one, which was Hawaii), so I can just drive there for the price of a tank of gas!

One thing nearly threw a snag in this plan: the seminar dates are June 28 - July 4. My Dad's WEDDING is June 28th. In Masachusetts. Uh oh. But the yoga part doesn't really start until the 29th (which is a Monday), so my plan is just to be on a plane at 6am that Monday, the time difference will work in my favor, and I can be in Palm Springs by Monday afternoon. I'll miss the first couple classes, which IS a total bummer, but I think it will DEFINITELY still be worth it!

And actually... the timing is kind of the icing on the cake... because I had ALREADY planned to be gone from school that week because of my trip to the east coast. So I will just cut the east coast trip short by a couple days, and extend the vacation by a couple days, and all I have to say to my advisor is "yeah, my Dad's getting married this weekend in Massachusetts and I'm going to be away for the week." No mention of twisting myself up into a pretzel at a luxury resort in the desert. :)



hannahjustbreathe said...

WOOOOOW. That's awesome!! Will you be doing clinics, too, or just outright classes? Very exciting you'll start the summer off with so much yoga! :)

thedancingj said...

Yeeaa, I am stoked!! The schedule says it's just 2 classes a day, 1 beginner's and 1 advanced, but from what I hear these are NOT 90 minute classes... lots of talking + instruction + more talking... haha, it's gonna be great. You will definitely hear about it afterwards!