Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Eve!

Wonderful class with Charlie this morning. Not super hot, so didn't drink any water during class, but nice and sweaty - had tons of energy and worked really hard. Gotta get balance back in standing bow, though! Need to bring weight forward a couple inches on first side to get 2 feet in one line. Charlie fixed me but then I fell. In toe stand, need to really lift hips up off heel. I keep on slacking and not really doing it, because when I rest on my heel I can balance easily - but it's not the right way! (The right way is the hard way...) Also still need to keep knees and heels closer together in dhanurasana - so hard!

Played with extra postures just a little bit after class. Did some stretching, guillotine, and a couple really good wall walks - then Charlie came back in to play and I showed him full camel, dancer, peacock, lotus peacock, and finger stand. Finger stand actually worked MUCH better than usual - got feet off ground and balanced for maybe 5 seconds! Yay!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Wish I could practice tomorrow. On the plus side, I am indulging with tons of desserts and wine today because it's not going to catch up with me immediately... muahahaaa...

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