Sunday, December 23, 2007

Aha! It's a blog!

Hi there, world!

Why the heck am I starting a Bikram blog?? I have a few reasons, some of which are good and some of which are silly.

1) I'm getting bored with my usual forms of procrastination - is only updated so many times in one day, and facebook stalking gets lame really fast.

2) I've been keep a good old-fashioned journal in a little red notebook with notes on my Bikram practice, and it is falling to pieces! I have written in it faithfully pretty much every day for the past four months, which is unprecedented for me. (I have a box full of journals from grade school days that start off with one or two entires and then pick up again about five years later.) I'm hoping that writing online will let me write in more detail, since I'll have unlimited space, and also I don't have to worry about how the spiral binding is coming apart from all the pages.

3) Ever since I decided to go all out with Bikram's yoga and practice every day (or as close to every day as my life will allow), I have been kind of obsessed. I love to talk to people about this practice and learn about everyone else's experiences. I figure that if this blog ever has an audience, it will be from the people exactly like me, who are super excited about Bikram and want to hear that others feel the same. I don't expect that I have anything especially profound or insightful to say, but I can give you all a report on my experiences as they come.

4) I work nights, so I am in the habit of staying awake until 2am or so, which leaves me with nothing to do in the evenings when I have a night off, I'm awake, and everyone else I know is fast asleep. (Case in point: tonight.)

I guess that's enough reasons, and now I'm sleepy. Ironically I did NOT practice today, because I desperately needeed to sleep in, and then I was on a bus for almost four hours to get home for my quick Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I'm practicing at the studio in my hometown. I went there for the first time over Thanksgiving break, took 3 classes from the owner, Charlie, and LOVED it. Charlie is such a sweetheart. I'm psyched to see him again and take his great class!

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