Tuesday, December 25, 2007

O yea - presents!

I almost forgot - I gave both my dad and his girlfriend gift certificates for the Intro Special at their local studio for Christmas. Dad was hilarious; he opened up the envelope and said "oh NO!!" Then we talked about the class a little bit and he said "how long is it?" and I said "90 minutes" and he said "oh my GOD!" I shoulda lied and said "easy 30 minutes class" but was already on to me. But here's where *I* am really smart: Dad is not that gung ho about getting into class, but his girlfriend REALLY like the idea, so now I can count on her to drag him along with her. I think that once he gets in there a couple times he will REALLY like it - it's getting him to go the first time that takes a little cleverness!! I hope my plot works...

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