Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day was lovely. Lots of family, fun, food, drink, and more FOOD! Hmm. Definitely no more food until tomorrow night. Planning to practice at noon, so that'll make it really easy to hold off on food until the afternoon. Hot tea will be nice!! This poor teacher in my hometown - he think I have a nice practice, but unfortunately EVERY time I take his class is when I'm on vacation, so I've usually spent the previous day stuffing my face with food and sitting on my butt! He should see me when I'm NOT on vacation! Slightly apprehensive about tomorrow, but hopefully my digestion will do its work well!!

Right now I'm feeling like I REALLY want to go to teacher training in April, regardless of all the other shit that I need to figure out. I've been telling myself that I need to figure out the grad school situation (getting INTO a school, choosing a school, and getting funding) before I go anywhere, but another part of me just wants to say "fuck it" and send in the application. I would be GOOD at it! Memorizing shit and doing yoga - those are like my 2 biggest skills!! Plus I have been making tons of money at my waitressing job this winter - I transfered another thousand dollars into my savings account today - so pulling together 10 grand in the next four months could actually happen. Yeah, my income sucks compared to people who have REAL jobs, but my expenses are super low - I don't go out a lot, I don't drive, I rent, I save money - so I have a reasonable amount in my savings account already. And I already know the dialogue to half moon - I learned it on the sly while I was alone vacuuming the studio one night and my IPod battery had died. SUCH temptation.

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