Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just for the Record...

Two things.  Both self-centered.

First of all, as most of you know, I've been taking part in this 101-day long Bikram yoga challenge (101 classes in 101 days) that started on January 1st.  If any of you have been watching my little counter thingie on the side of the page, you might have noticed that I have stopped counting up.  Yep!  Last Friday, I decided that I was done.

I've had tons of fun encouraging everyone else in this challenge.  I think it's hilarious that I decided to end my own challenge 10 days before the official "end."  Go, me!  I hope no one is disappointed or anything.  But last week, I came to the very clear realization that it is high time for me to go into "slacker mode" in preparation for teacher training, where I will do 11 classes a week for 9 weeks, whether I like it or not!  My most trusted teachers have told me, in no uncertain terms, that the weeks before teacher training are not the time to try to "get in shape" or "kill yourself" or anything like that.  So as of right now, I am "only" practicing 5 times a week or so.  I am using the extra free hours to spend time outside, go shopping for teacher training supplies, and sleep.

I'm barely going to practice at all during the final days leading up to training.  Instead, I am going to go hiking/camping in Death Valley with my sister and one of my best friends for a couple days.  I am very happy with the way I planned this trip; it will give me a little oasis of calm, quiet, and natural beauty in between the chaos of packing to leave and the chaos of arriving!

Second thing: I almost missed this, but yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day that I resurrected this blog!  I originally set up this page in 2007, but I only wrote a handful of entries before I went back to writing by hand and forgot that the thing existed.  I picked it up again and started blogging in earnest on April 7, 2009.  I wasn't much good at it in the beginning, but I was having fun!

I don't know how this happened, but I've managed to write 158 entries in my first full year of blogging.  (I guess this one is number 159.)  Holy crap!  I had no idea that I was going to have so much to say.  I also had no idea that anyone would ever read this thing.  I think two people knew about its existence in the first weeks: hannahjustbreathe and themissus.  The lovely bikramyogachick was on board pretty early on, too... and duffy, whose blog has been quiet since he got bit by that dog!  :(  So to all the people who have started reading and following since that time... I have no idea where you guys all came from, but you absolutely ROCK!!  You make me so happy.  Thanks for reading.  :)

I suspect that I'll get a whole influx of new readers this Spring while I'm at teacher training, just because everyone loves to read the TT blogs!  (I was always such an addict.  I read Jenn's blog every single night after work.  I can't believe that was two years ago!)  So here we go.  Welcome, new people!!  And buckle up, because I have a feeling this will be an interesting ride!!  Through teacher training, to infinity, and beyond...

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