Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day Zero

Hello, world.  Here I am in Vegas.



Death Valley was fantastic.  Spent the last few days completely away from civilization with two of my favorite girls, sleeping outside in a tent under the stars.  We saw some amazing sights, did a lot of hiking and climbing, took a lot of pictures, and drank a lot of water.  (It was almost hot enough to do a Bikram class outside.)  That park is one of my favorite places on earth.  We didn't want to leave!  I'm keeping my tent and sleeping bag with me in hopes of getting out on another camping trip this spring.  There are a lot of cool places to go that aren't too far outside the city.  Death Valley is only a couple hours from Vegas... but it will be REALLY hot out there soon, so that might not be the best plan for a bunch of heat-exhausted yogis.

Arrived at Michelle's place in the afternoon, and we all had fun taking our first showers since Wednesday night.  It felt pretty great to wash my hair!!  Then we went out to this great Thai place, where we met up with Greg aka Big G and had a fantastic long and leisurely dinner.  Hot food also tasted GREAT after a few days without it.  I think we spent hours just talking shop, telling yoga stories, and laughing our asses off.  It was a perfect little reintroduction to the world of yoga and other people.  It was a good idea to ease back into things with a couple of buddies, before plunging crazily into the world of full-time yoga tomorrow!!  Overall, I couldn't have planned this trip better if I'd tried.  Haven't practiced since Tuesday, and I think I will be happy to take class on Monday night.  After sleeping on the group for a couple nights, I'm starting to get kinda stiff.  The hot room will feel good.

Off to the hotel first thing in the morning to check in and stock up on groceries!

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