Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ultima Give-Away Wrap-Up

Congratulations to my 5 lucky winners:  Clortie, Tiabla, Brandy, Greg, and and Mindy!  Greg and Mindy, please email me back with your mailing addresses.  The rest of you, your goodies are already in the mail.

I wanted to give free stuff to ALL of you, of course, but I only had five sample boxes to give away.  Sigh.  But if you're still interested in trying the stuff, they DO have free shipping on order over $30.  And as Annie Law posted in my comments section, there's also a limited time coupon that'll give you $7 off your order AND free shipping.  Just go to their online store and use the coupon code "yogayoga".  Thanks Annie!

Happy hydrating!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekends.  Personally, I am spending my Sunday night eating pasta and watching "House" re-runs on Bravo after teaching a string of 5 classes this weekend... woo hoo...

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