Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ultima Electrolyte Give-Away!

And now for something completely different... who wants some free stuff??

No, I'm not gonna give you the shirt off my back, my collection of yoga books, or my footstool in the shape of a turtle.  That stuff is mine.  But I AM gonna give you some tasty electrolyte.  The folks at Ultima Replenisher have offered to send out 30-packet sample boxes to five of my lucky readers!  *drumroll, please*

Now, I don't normally do the whole product-placement thing on my blog, but I have very affectionate feelings towards this company, since their product basically kept me alive during teacher training.  It's a powdered electrolyte that you can add to water to make an instant sports drink.  It's super convenient and it works great.

For the yogis heading to teacher training next month: I had three 90-serving canisters of this stuff with me, two in lemonade flavor and one in grape, that I polished off during the 9 week course.  These canisters are surprisingly TINY, they weight less than a pound each, and they will last you for a quite while.  I was dumping this stuff into my water bottle by the scoopful in Vegas, and I never got dehydrated out there, which was quite a feat.  Also, I was drinking it constantly and I still didn't get TOO sick of the taste, which was quite impressive.  The lemonade is definitely my favorite.  It just tastes like... lemonade!!  Aaah, lemonade.  Tastes like a summer afternoon.

For the "normal" folks practicing at home: this is actually an ideal supplement for the times when you're feeling kind of depleted after a sweaty class.  It's not super sugary and it's not overpowering - it's just enough to pick you up and get your body chemistry back where it belongs.  It's a nice alternative to Gatorade or Coconut water, which can be sugary (and pricey!!) habits.  And it's great when you have a canister of the stuff sitting by the fridge at home, because you can just scoop out as much or as little as you need.  No more stopping at 7-11 for Gatorade on the way home (which I am soooo guilty of doing).

Also, they have free shipping!  Hooray!

So here's how this give-away works: just leave a comment on this post with your name and email.  You have until... hmm... let's make it Saturday.  Then on Sunday I will randomly select 5 names, let you know if you've been chosen, and get those freebies in the mail to you on Monday.

Thanks to R at aliveinthefire for directing the Ultima folks to me and convincing them that I am very busy and important.  (Hehe.)  If you're looking for something more to read, go and check out her blog!

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