Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a weekend!

I got home from championship weekend yesterday afternoon, slept all morning today, and am still trying to unpack my brain...

The weekend went roughly as follows:

Thursday night:
Drove down to LA to stay at a friend's house

Took 7am class at HQ with Courtney Mace, last year's female champion
Went straight to hotel and signed in to volunteer.  Spent all morning guarding the door, from both the outside and the inside.  Then went in and got to watch the U.S. women.  The whole thing (including awards) went on until maybe 8pm.  Got dinner at hotel restaurant with a bunch of teachers, then ended up hanging out at the hotel bar until 1am talking about yoga, and crashed in a friend's hotel room.

Took 7am at HQ with Leslie (not sure last name), who was the champion from the very first yoga championship 7 years ago.
Went to hotel for international championships.  These went on all day and were awesome.
Got dressed up, went to dinner, then went to Bikram's birthday/disco party.  Good times.

Totally overslept and missed the 7am class.  Was tired!
Watched the Youth division.  Oh man.  The kids are getting GOOD!!!
International finals - top 10 men and top 10 women.  Best yoga I've ever seen in my life.  These guys seriously BROUGHT it.  The winners were Brandy (USA) and Kaspar (Netherlands).

Took 7:30am class at Hermosa Beach.  Went to Jamba Juice.  Practiced dialogue with another spring 2010 trainee.  Took 12:15 advanced class with Emmy.   (Bikram was there for the first half of it, then he had to leave to go to the judge's clinic.)  Drove home.  Had to stop halfway to get salad.  Totally beat, in a great way.

This is NOT my championship report.  I still need to write that.  I'm just having trouble unpacking my brain.  Yoga overload!

Tell me what you want to hear about!!


cirita said...

I am having trouble unpacking too. I posted "something" about the event but there is so much to talk about!!! It was super awesome to meet you!!!

Yolk E said...

Why do you go? I want to hear about that. I'm sure you know I don't mean that in a "I'ma dis the competition" way, but what do you get out of it? Does it inspire you? Do you feel connected to or overwhelmed by all the people there? What's something we stream-watchers aren't likely to pick up?

OMG, can you tell I'm a teacher?

thedancingj said...

Cira - Yes!!! I need to just take it in pieces! I wrote one piece just now...

E - Hahahaha - yes, teacher!! Love it. I just need to break it down and answer ONE of those questions at a time - it's a problem of organization!! I wrote one piece already...

ThatsMyTri said...

That was an awesome weekend! Don't know if you remember but we met while sitting in the back row on Saturday. Saw your blog post on Joseph's fb page. Can't wait for training! See you there! Carolyn

thedancingj said...

Hi Carolyn!! Of course I remember, thanks for reading. Ooh you should add me on facebook! I'm friends with Joseph on there. Juliana. YAY!!