Monday, February 1, 2010

Daze of our Lives

I did tons of yoga and tons of driving today, and then ended up wandering around Ralph's supermarket in a daze for like half an hour.

I know that you guys know what I'm talking about.  I believe the official term is "yoga stoned."  This is what happens when you do a lot of stretching and sweating and working hard, and then you find yourself wandering around for hours trying to remember where you left your own HEAD.

Back to my day: I trekked down to LA for beginner's and advanced class again, did some socializing, bought some stuff for my studio, and drove back up.  I snacked on trail mix in the car, so I wasn't too starved when I got home, but I was definitely in need of food.  Since I was stiff from driving, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and walk 10 minutes to the health food store near my house.

Plan A:  Go to health food store, get some of that nice egg salad, eat.

I get to the store and of course there's not any good ready-made food left, since it's the end of the day.  Also, everything is really expensive.  Ok, let's try the supermarket.

Plan B:  Go to supermarket, find egg salad, walk home, eat.

Of course, all the deli stuff at the supermarket is looking kinda nasty, too.  Forget that plan!  I'm doing a really good job of "listening to my body," but unfortunately my body hasn't quite decided what it wants me to put in it, so the two of us decide to just make a couple laps and find something that looks good.

Wow, pre-made guacamole!!  That sounds great.  Ooh, and they have whole-wheat tortellini on sale! Hmm, we're gonna need a basket.

Plan C:  Have pre-made guac and tortellini.  Need good chips and some frozen veggies, and then we're in business.

I made like 4 laps around the store trying to find chips that I wanted.  Hmm, where are the blue corn chips?  They're in the "natural food" section on the other end of the store.  Hmm, but all they have here is the huge party size bag, which I don't want!  Back to the other side of the store.  Meanwhile (or simultaneously), why am I buying guac when I could just buy some avocados?  Oh YEAH, I have those cherry tomatoes at home, those would be good in guacamole.

Plan D: Have avocados, whole-grain Tostitos, tomatoes (at home), and tortellini.  Still need veggies.

Fresh spinach is good, but expensive.  Check frozen veggies aisle (on other end of store).  None of these look good.  What about fresh asparagus?  Back to other end of store.  Hey, here's a cheaper bag of spinach.  Hey, don't I need crackers?

At this point my body is suddenly sending out serious hunger distress signals!  Uh oh.  I'm gonna need a snack for the walk home.  I'm sooo tired.  I'm not gonna make it!

Final contents of shopping cart: 3 ripe avocados, Tostitos, tortellini, fresh spinach, sugar snap peas (for snacking!), Triscuits... and CHEEZITS.  So much for the one-egg-salad shopping trip.

By the way, the peas and the homemade guacamole totally hit the spot.  In fact, now I'm pretty full!  Maybe I'll save the spinach and pasta dinner for tomorrow night.

And that's my exciting life!


Yolk E said...

Ah, yes. We go to the store with the loftiest of aspirations. Just like in yoga, we get humbled all the time ;-)

But yeah, junky crackers rock! I'm into Trader Joe's "cheese"-filled crackers right now. Talk about yoga stoned munchies!

ariella said...

lol I'm used to calling it yoga brain. Sometimes we joke that we're not going to let anyone drive home after class. Get used to having weird salty food cravings... training is coming!

It's so cool that you're close by and connected in to that advanced group with Emmy. I've not tried that series yet, still got some work to go in my beginners series before I'm ready. Love hearing about it tho!

bikramyogachick said...

Oh yeah. Yoga Brain. Yoga Head.
Been there, done many times! :)

Big G said...

I've had more than one class where I get out of the room and I'm not really sure what day it is! So I can definitely relate:)

Lady Yogaga said...

i used to call this being in my "yoga haze"! i've both driven home and walked around the grocery store right across from my studio feeling practically catatonic! it happened to me A LOT when i fist started practicing.

oh, and 2 things: 1) i now have a serious craving for guac- yummmm! and 2) thank you- because i now have an idea for what to make with all the eggs that have been sitting in my fridge- one batch of egg salad coming up! :)

thedancingj said...

ariella - Oh, I am SO used to the salty food cravings. It was always a big pickles-and-potato-chips party at lunch after Diane's advanced classes back home!

Practicing in LA is super humbling - wow - some days I feel like almost everyone in the class is WAY better than me at all the postures! It's a good chance to see what it feels like on the OTHER end of the bell curve, ya know?

LadyYoGaGa - Enjoy your eggs!! ;-)

I think I was still on yoga brain when I wrote this - it's probably the most pointless thing I've ever written - so I'm glad you guys can relate!! Hehe.

cirita said...

hahaha and I thought I was suffering from some weird disease. It exist.. it exist!! Ir happens to me all the time. Also, something that I've noticed is that when I first started practicing BY, I was never hungry. I wouldn't eat for hours. Now, it's the opposite. After class, I am starving. I could eat a whole lion. Does it happen to you too?

Duffy Pratt said...

I went shopping after yoga tonight. I needed eggs, flour, chicken broth, oranges, tomatoes, and canned tuna. No less than three times, I ended up turning around from the checkout line, and going back to the ailes because I had forgotten something. Twice, because I had forgotten the tuna fish. Yes, I went back to get tuna, got distracted on the way by something inconsequential, went back to the checkout line, and then realized that I had forgotten yet again to actually pick up the tuna. So yes, I can relate.

hannahjustbreathe said...

Umm, I LOVE this. Because whenever I come home from going to the grocery store immediately after a yoga class, I find myself unpacking bags going, "Huh? I bought that?" or "Shit, I forgot that?!" or "Wow...I can't wait to eat that."

thedancingj said...

I had a feeling this problem was universal!!

It's funny when it's true. I'm laughing out loud at your comments. The tuna fish!! Don't forget it AGAIN!

I am also the girl who goes to Trader Joe's JUST because I am out of a certain kind of salad dressing, and leaves the store 20 minutes later with a full bag of groceries and ZERO salad dressing.