Monday, August 3, 2009

Yoga TV!

Ok, technically it's only YouTube, but we're on the internet! So it's practically the same thing!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up... there's some really excellent video that's been uploaded lately by the USA Yoga Federation. And in case you're totally confused, the USA Yoga Federation is basically USA Bikram studios. For the moment. Rajashree's been at the head of a lot of it. Its purpose is to get yoga closer to being included in the Olympics. It's kind of a long story... I should post more on that later. It's moderately confusing.

Anyway... check out usayoga on YouTube! So far they've posted nice quality videos of the top three men and top three ladies doing their routines at February's national championships. Really beautiful, inspiring stuff. I watched a couple of these right before I practiced on Sunday and it TOTALLY helped me nail that standing head to knee, cause I had such a perfect mental image of the posture in my head.

I figured out how to add video to my post (YIPPEE!!) so here is Joseph's routine. He got first place USA, second place world, and is a total sweetheart. (I was totally rooting for him to take the title... it was a close one.)

There are also two videos from the judge's clinic at advanced seminar, where you can hear Bikram, Emmy, and some of the senior teachers (Jim Kallet) talking about "how to perform standing bow pulling," with Courtney and Joseph (the US champions) demonstrating. They're talking about a lot of high-level details, so it's not necessarily gonna be helpful to everyone, but it's still very interesting to hear them talk.

There's also a video of one of Alisa's demos (last year's international women's champ), but the sound seems to cut out halfway through...?? I'm trying to find a better one... she did this beautiful demo to "Into the West" from Lord of the Rings that actually made me cry, but it seems like YouTube took it away because of copyright on the music?! That sucks.

Enjoy! :)

P.S. Yea... the second video is kinda spilling out of its space... I guess I am not yet a total professional at this.


Mei said...

Wow, lovely videos. Thanks for sharing!

Makes me wanna work harder in class for standing bow right now :D

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting these great videos, and thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be watching yours!