Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grad school: Don't let it happen to you!

I adore the fact that the 3am janitor just came into my office, declared that it looks like it'll be ok if he waits until next week to vacuum, and then wished me good luck on finals.

I'm always a hot mess during finals. I admit it. I just lose the academic will to live. It will pass when the week ends. But for the moment, this hilarious little comic is pretty fitting:

Sorry that this post is not about yoga. I do have a yoga analogy, though: grad school is like one really long Bikram class. There's the period in the beginning (first quarter = first 10 minutes of class) where you wonder what the heck you've just gotten yourself into, then there's the period where it starts to get really uncomfortable (around end of first year = maybe eagle pose?) and you seriously consider making a run for the door... but you don't, cause you figure this is all going somewhere and you'd better follow through on what you started, cause apparently it's gonna pay off in the end...

Just like yoga. And I need to get back in the posture! No leaving the room yet! Back to the lecture notes now!!


hannahjustbreathe said...

Ohhh, lady, I feel you. Three and a half years as a part-time graduate student and a full-time employee left me absolutely wrecked at the end. You can try to tell yourself it's all worth it. But, eh, school-induced stress just sucks. Plain and simple.

GOOD LUCK on your finals!!!!

The Missus said...

Don't stress yourself out! You will kick ass on your finals. Good luck!

bikramyogachick said...

Hard not to stress. I worked full time, raised a two year old by myself and attended night school to get my bachelors degree 12 years ago. We dig deep and find the energy and reserves to make it through. Like I know you are doing right now! Chug away girl!

Duffy Pratt said...

My favorite comment on graduate school is in The World According to Garp. One of Garp's kids pronounces it wrong and calls it Gradual School. It's where people go so they can gradually figure out that they don't want to go to school anymore. (And I've been through two of them ;) )

Ellen in Hawaii said...

I am SO right there with you. I'm taking a stinking *one* unit Anatomy & Physiology lab during summer Session and it is COMPLETELY kicking my ass. Between working 35-40 hours & yoga & studying & class, I *literally* have no time.

Michelle, I am in total awe of single moms like you. I would find the return to school utterly impossible if I had a 2 year old. Just thinking about it puts my current stress level into serious perspective.

Good one, Duffy. I have lofty plans to get my RN and a master's and then become a CNM after that. What, am I nuts!?!! I'm not even 1/2 way through the prereq's and already beginning to doubt whether I can stomach 6-8 more years of higher education.

thedancingj said...

THANK YOU, Duffy, for making me laugh out loud!! That was awesome.

Thank you EVERYONE for being super supportive of me with my whining - I kinda love you guys. And especially Michelle who reminds me how much harder life COULD be! Seriously, woman, you amaze me. I dunno how anyone does all this stuff while raising a little kid. The mind just boggles. Huge respect.

One final down, one huge-ass research paper to go!!