Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Big Room

See that little person way up on the podium?

Yeah, that's me.  :)

This is my big news for the week/month/year: I taught a class at teacher training on Friday morning!  It was awesome.  I'm still pretty high from it.  There are almost 400 trainees in this class, plus the room can accommodate a couple hundred visiting teachers, staff, and guests.  These pictures don't even capture the scale of it.  These teacher training rooms aren't just big, they are huge.  The room is 13 rows deep, and about 3x as wide.  That's why the podium is so tall.  Huge.  Yoga.  Room.

I am going to write a nice long post about what it was like to teach the class, so check back later.  I just wasted a whole bunch of time messing around with my blog layout to make the text area wider, which resulted in a bunch of other changes, so let me know if it looks okay.  

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