Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sound of your own wheels

Here is the music that was the soundtrack of my life yesterday - the Eagles!  

"We may lose and we may win,
Though we will never be here again.
So open up, I'm climbin' in
And take it easy..."

I had song this on repeat (along with some other great tunes) while I was driving to, from, and around LA on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It puts me in a great mood, even when I'm stuck in traffic in the middle of the night!

I like how it's kind of about going with the motion.  I mean, yes, I realize it's about a lot of other things, too.  ;-)  But the main point that I kept hearing in the song lyrics was that you'll always be moving along and rolling forward, but you shouldn't let that freak you out.  Perfect for me!  Time keeps on rolling forward at this crazy pace, and there's nothing to do except to sit back and enjoy the ride.  I'm in this great limbo right now - just watching the days fly by, getting ready to start a totally new chapter of my life - and I'm never going to be in this place again.  It will never again be one-month-til-teacher-training, so I'd better enjoy this day while it's here!

I had "take it easy" running through my head the whole time I was dying in advanced class, too.  Emmy was finally back from Europe!  It was good to see her again.  I've been getting bolder in advanced classes and trying more new things, and I actually got a little bit of praise, which was unexpected and nice.  After class, I mentioned to Emmy and my friend Cheryl that I'd had "take it easy" in my head all morning, and Emmy laughed and said, "you know, that is basically the opposite of Bikram yoga."  But I stood by my position - "but that's the dichotomy..." (yes, I said "dichotomy") "... that is so interesting about Bikram yoga!  It's always kill yourself AND take it easy, sweetheart."  Cheryl took my point and we really got into it.  "Kill yourself and take it easy, at the same time!"  "Kill yourself with your smiling happy face!"  "Completely relax, then completely kill yourself!"  Emmy was just like, "Alright.  *shrug* "  Haha.  She isn't impressed by much.

Actually, I love prepping for teacher training.  I haven't been doing much to prepare myself lately, other than memorizing new postures "when I feel like it," but I've been having a great time preparing other people!  For all the Balwan fans out there - he is doing GREAT.  I'm so proud.  He is up to standing head to knee already!  I also had him do half moon for me yesterday, to see if he was retaining this stuff in his long term memory, and he gave the best half moon delivery EVER.  Seriously, it was one of the best half moons I've ever heard.  He put so much energy and feeling into it, and he barely hesitated at all!  He said that he was feeling "very frustrated" (for some reason).  I need to find a way to get him to deliver like that ALL the time, cause it sounded really good!  Any ideas on how I can piss him off right before he gets up to recite the posture for Bikram?

I'm going to go sit in the sun for a few minutes and see if I can make locust pose stick in my brain, and then I'm off to work at the yoga studio!  It's a lovely sunny day.  I think summer has really arrived.

"Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy..."

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